Motivate yourself to cook

First and foremost you need to determine the real reasons why you’re not cooking in the first place and figure out how you’re going to address the issue . On the grounds that you find yourself less motivated is because of semi-processed food, chopping vegetables and such then do all your prepping in one day regardless of the dish you’re going to serve and store them in the proper containers . That will give you a head start when you open the fridge the next day and get straight at it .  Always think of something you would particularly like to eat, preferably a dish you can’t find easily come across in  local restaurants. In case you’re just eating out of habit and you’re eventually not that famished then think of small deserts such as cookies , brownies etc or blended juices. Another way to approach it  is to eat nutritious food you like, It will be brief   and save you from the hustle and bustle ,furthermore that will motivate you to continue eating great tasting, mouth watering food.

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